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Exclamation Point! is your straight-to-the-point monthly newsletter for Maryland's primary care and infectious disease workforce, brought to your inbox by Alive! MarylandEach month we will feature key trainings and webinars, upcoming events, job opportunities, and other resources to help you in your work. We'll also highlight some of the impactful work and diverse perspectives of your colleagues across the State. 

In this issue:

  • Points of View: Provider Perspectives
  • Action Points: Upcoming Events
  • Key Points: Featured Resources
  • Job Openings
  • Funding Opportunities

Want to spread the word about a job opening or funding opportunity from your organization? Know a special healthcare provider in Maryland who deserves the spotlight? Let us know by contacting info@AliveMaryland.org. Alive! Maryland is here to help you help Marylanders!


Points of View: Provider Perspectives

Each month we will highlight a Maryland provider in this section whose work is helping bring the State alive. If you have a colleague you think deserves some appreciation, let us know! Please email info@AliveMaryland.org and include the provider's name, role and affiliation, and contact details. We'll then reach out to your colleague with some brief interview questions.

Kyle Bukowski (he/him), Chief Medical Officer for Planned Parenthood of Maryland

Kyle Bukowski, MD, FACOG currently serves as the Chief Medical Officer for Planned Parenthood of Maryland. He has dedicated his entire career to delivering sexual and reproductive healthcare. He aims to provide safe and legal care and emphasizes the importance of advocacy and intersectionality within this field.

Learn about Dr. Bukowski’s motivations for engaging in this work by reading the interview below!


Action Points: Upcoming Events

2023 Open Enrollment Webinar Series, Session 6 - Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Session 6 of the Open Enrollment Webinar Series will take place on Wednesday, December 28, 2022. More details coming soon. 


BHA/MedChi Behavioral Health Webinar Series

The Maryland Department of Health (MDH) Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) and MedChi jointly sponsor a webinar series, the BHA/MedChi Behavioral Health Webinar Series: Helping the Helpers and Those They ServeThese webinars are for Maryland’s behavioral health and medical health care workers of all disciplines, whether working in community or hospital settings. They are designed to enhance both health care worker self-care and resultantly the care they provide, as health care workers combat numerous stressors including the COVID-19 pandemic, social justice issues, and other stressors that can potentially impact delivered care. 

CMEs will be available at no cost, as will Participant Certificates, which for other disciplines may qualify for CEUs or other continuing education credit, although these are not approved for CEUs by the Maryland Board of Social Work Examiners. Participants should check with their certifying organizations to see how these would apply.

For information on upcoming webinar topics and to register, please click the button below.


Are You Interested in Becoming a Community Advisory Board (CAB) Member?

The Project LEAP CAB is intended to represent consumers in Prince George's County, Montgomery County, and Baltimore City who are impacted by substance use disorders, sexually transmitted infections, and HIV including but not limited to consumers who represent diverse ages, gender identities, races/ethnicities, sexual orientations, and status-neutral infected or affected individuals.

The Learning, Empowerment, Advisory, and Participation (LEAP) CAB looks to:

  • Advise Clergy United for the Transformation of Sandtown (CUTS) in planning, implementing, and delivering effective substance use services, sexually transmitted infections, HIV, and viral hepatitis C.
  • Provide a community voice in decisions CUTS makes about current and future substance use services, sexually transmitted infections, HIV, and viral hepatitis C service provision in the MSMA.
  • Offer feedback on how well CUTS' interventions are meeting the service needs of consumers in the MSMA. 

If you are interested in participating, click the button below for more details and to complete the Consumer Advisory Board (CAB) application. Once we receive your application, we will provide you with information on the upcoming meetings. 


World AIDS Day Recap - December 1, 2022

World AIDS Day took place on December 1, 2022. This year's theme was “Putting Ourselves to the Test: Achieving Equity to End HIV.” In honor of the effort of Maryland's healthcare workforce in Ending the Epidemic, here is some of the most recent data on how HIV affects marginalized populations in Maryland. 

HIV and Injection Drug Use (IDU) in Maryland

  • In 2021, of the 773 reported HIV diagnoses in Maryland, 7.9 percent were attributed to IDU, and 1.5 percent were attributed to male-to-male sexual contact and injection drug use.
  • IDU exposure among persons living with diagnosed HIV was highest among Non-Hispanic Black people (80.5%).
  • Of the 32,149 people living with diagnosed HIV in Maryland at the end of 2021, 15.5 percent were attributed to IDU exposure.

HIV and African-Born Marylanders

  • In 2021, of the 773 total reported HIV diagnoses in Maryland, 11.9 percent were born in a foreign country.
  • Persons born in Africa accounted for 6.3 percent of the 773 total newly reported diagnoses in 2021.
  • Of the new diagnoses among people born in Africa, over three-fourths (75.5%) were female.
  • Of the 32,149 people living with diagnosed HIV in Maryland at the end of 2021, 8.1 percent were born in Africa.

Key Points: Featured Resources


Capacity Building Assistance from Alive! Maryland

Our Point-to-Point Team is here to make capacity building assistance (CBA) work for you. Point-to-Point is your CBA resource for the State of Maryland’s HIV, viral hepatitis, STIs, and harm reduction workforce and your organizations as you continue the fight against the epidemics in Maryland.

We offer capacity building assistance in the following areas:

  • Organizational Infrastructure
  • Fiscal Administration
  • Data Collection Management and Reporting
  • Service Provision
  • And more!

To request capacity building assistance from Alive! Maryland, click the button to the left or visit AliveMaryland.org/cba.


New On-Demand Training Available!

Bright, Brilliant, & Burnt-Out: Recognize. Reset. Reconnect.

This session will provide a foundation for providers to learn about the causes and consequences of burn-out through exploration of workplace culture and the impacts on staff. The roles and responsibilities of organizations in preventing burnout will be defined at the different positions held within the organization to ensure that mental health and wellbeing is made a priority.


2021 Maryland Workforce Needs Assessment Dashboard

You can now view last year's Maryland Workforce Needs Assessment data by accessing the Alive! Maryland Needs Assessment Dashboard. This dashboard was created to report the Alive! Maryland needs assessment findings to engaged stakeholders. The survey was administered between July 20 and November 4, 2021. 319 people from Maryland's primary care and infectious disease workforce participated in the survey.


Job Openings

PrEP Services Integration Coordinator, MDH Infectious Disease & Environmental Health Services

Location: Baltimore City

Description: The main purpose of this full-time contractual position is to serve as the PrEP Coordinator in the Center for Sexually Transmitted Infection Prevention (CSTIP). The mission of CSTIP is to prevent and reduce the number of STIs in Maryland. The vision of CSTIP is to develop, implement, support, and evaluate Statewide strategies and initiatives of STI prevention, with special consideration to barriers to systemic care engagement, as well as to barriers to those who are most likely to be diagnosed with an STI. Reportable STIs include chancroid, chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, and syphilis (including congenital syphilis). 

Deadline: December 15, 2022


Operations Coordinator, MDH Infectious Disease & Environmental Health Services

Location: Baltimore City

Description: The main purpose of this full-time contractual position is to work collaboratively with program staff members within the Center for Harm Reduction Services, along with other units within the Bureau of Infectious Disease and with Public Health Services' fiscal, grants, and procurement offices. This position will be responsible for processing forms and for coordinating different procurement processes for new grant programs. This position will also be responsible for managing budgeting across the Center’s funding sources, in addition to managing sub-recipient grants. Furthermore, this position will be responsible for ensuring access to naloxone and fentanyl test strips through a centralized purchasing model. The work completed by this position will contribute to the smooth implementation of all activities within the CHRS.

Deadline: December 16, 2022


Overdose Education and Naloxone Distribution Coordinator, MDH Infectious Disease & Environmental Health Services

Location: Baltimore City

Description: The main purpose of this full-time contractual position is to support the Overdose Education and Naloxone Distribution Unit (OEND) with planning, developing, implementing, promoting, and evaluating the naloxone distribution efforts of the Maryland Department of Health (MDH)'s Prevention and Health Promotion Administration (PHPA)'s Center for Harm Reduction Services (CHRS). Such efforts will include the distribution of naloxone directly from the Center to a variety of agencies, programs, settings, and communities. This position will support the management of stocks of naloxone, along with executing protocols for ordering, storing and tracking. This position will oversee naloxone deliveries, including directly delivering naloxone to recipient agencies and individuals. This position will also provide overdose education to these agencies and individuals. Additionally, this position will contribute to the development of outreach plans for naloxone distribution, while cultivating relationships with community partners. 

Deadline: December 16, 2022


Funding Opportunities

The Power of Peers: Investing in Marylanders with Lived Experience to Scale Up the Public Health Workforce, all Maryland counties

Description: The Maryland Department of Health, Center for HIV/STI Integration and Capacity is pleased to announce a new Request For Applications (RFA): The Power of Peers: Investing in Marylanders with Lived Experience to Scale Up the Public  Health Workforce. The goal of the project is to scale up and diversify the peer-based public health workforce by recruiting, training, and providing adequate supervision to Peer Support Workers (PSWs). 

Deadline: Friday, January 6, 2023


Point of Contact

Please reach out to Melissa Kelley, Alive! Maryland Program Director, at info@AliveMaryland.org with
any questions, feedback, or submissions. For all CDC specific related training and technical assistance CTS Tracking Requests, you may contact Tawanna DavisTawanna.Davis@maryland.gov

Click the button below to request capacity building assistance for your organization.


About Alive! Maryland

The Maryland Department of Health has engaged with HealthHIV, a national capacity building organization, to launch Alive! Maryland, the first-ever comprehensive capacity building initiative for the infectious disease and primary care workforce in the State of Maryland.

ALIVE stands for Assess, Learn, Integrate, Visualize, Engage — representing each phase of the program. Alive! Maryland is a motivational call to action to build capacity to improve health in Maryland’s HIV, viral hepatitis, STIs, and harm reduction workforce. This initiative will provide Maryland providers with a web-based, self-paced Virtual Training Institute, many CEU opportunities, direct training and technical assistance, resource development, and more.



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